Water Rocket Calculator

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PreLaunch Tank
Air Volume
Nozzle Diameter cm
Rocket Diameter cm
Mass of Empty Rocket grams
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Air Friction Constant -
Air Friction Velocity Exponent -
Air Density lb/ft3
Barometric Pressure hPascal
Burnout Time sec
Burnout Velocity m/sec
Burnout Height meters
Average Blastoff Acceleration m/sec2
Maximum Blastoff Acceleration m/sec2
Max Rocket Altitude meters
Time to Max Altitude sec
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This calculation is based on an algorithm and formulas in the March 1995 Physics Teacher, Volume 33, Number 3, p 150-157: Soda-Bottle Water Rockets by David Kagan, Louis Buchholtz and Lynda Klein. Note that for small values of "Launch Gauge Pressure", the calculation may use the square root of a negative number - a "NaN" (not-a-number) to the Javascript interpreter. Just raise the pressure value and this problem should go away.

This model was modified to include friction effects using: